Friday, July 5, 2013

The Uninvited Guests by: Sadie Jones

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The Uninvited Guests by: Sadie Jones  

 Emerald Torrington just wants to have a nice birthday celebration in her beloved home. But the Torrington is estate is quickly taken over by a group of less than fortunate train crash survivors and one mysterious man, Charles Traversham-Beechers, who also happens to be an old acquaintance of Emerald's mother. 
 The storm outside is nothing compared to the storm inside the Torrington home when Charles proposes that they play a game that will threaten the credibility of everyone involved. Meanwhile, Smudge Torrington is planning her own Great Undertaking. Jones' novel is the perfect blend of suspense and quirkiness with a dash of romance thrown in. I finished this otherworldly adventure novel in one sitting.
 This novel is too much fun to pass up.