Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Book of the Day: The Boyfriend App by: Katie Sise

   Sunday, June 30th, Katie Sise signed copies of her young adult novel, The Boyfriend App for a crowd of readers.
   Audrey McCarthy wants out of high school. During her senior year things are rapidly changing and not for the better. With her father's passing and a dear friend turning into an enemy, Audrey just wants a fresh start in college.
   In order to pay for college tuition, Audrey enters a competition that is looking for the best app designed by a high schooler. The $200,000 prize could surely put Audrey through college. So she sets off to develop the Boyfriend App. After the Boyfriend App takes off, Audrey becomes the center attention at school. She's getting kissed by hot boys and befriend by the popular girls. Despite all the new popularity, Audrey begins to wonder if her Boyfriend App works as well as she hoped it would...

        This cute romantic comedy is perfect for teens that are looking for a fun, summer read! The Book House has a limited amount of autographed copies that are still up for grabs!