Thursday, July 11, 2013

Rainy Reads

          I love a nice rainy day once in a while. Nothing beats the cliche of curling up with a light blanket and a good book. But let's be honest, all this rain is just depressing. In my opinion, a novel can cure just about anything. Here are some funny reads to substitute the sunshine during this dreary period of weather.

        1. Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls by: David Sedaris
               I'm convinced that this is Sedaris' best book yet. Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls isn't just a collection of funny essays. Sedaris has also written a handful of hilarious (and maybe even a little disturbing) poems centered around his hatred for dogs. I know, it sounds horrible, but they are tear-jerking funny. This is coming from a person who adores their dog. 

              If Sedaris' poetry doesn't reel you in than maybe the recollection of his first colonoscopy will. Still not convinced? Well, there is that one essay about how he almost bought the skeleton of a murdered Pygmy...
                David Sedaris never fails to entertain. Trust me, I'm a bookseller.

 2. The Sex Lives of Cannibals by: J. Maarten Troost
               Troost's travelogue may have you re-considering traveling to a nice secluded island. At the age of 26, Troost has racked up his share of useless degrees and has gone through a slew of temporary jobs. Fed up with getting no where in life, he decides it's a good idea to move to Tarawa, a remote South Pacific island in the Republic of Kiribati.
               The peaceful island seems too good to be true...because it is. Turns out the fish are toxic, the water is polluted, and the locals are anything but sane.
               Keep an eye out for Troost's newest book that's set to come out August 20th, 2013 entitled, Headhunters on My Doorstep: A True Treasure Island Ghost Story. It's sure to be just as ridiculous.
        3. Bite Me by: Christopher Moore
              I discovered Christopher Moore's novels as a Sophmore in high school. Before then, I didn't realize novels could be so outrageously funny. Bite Me is the third in Moore's vampire love story series. While You Suck, Bloodsucking Fiends, and Bite Me all follow the same characters, they certainly don't have to be read in order.
              Before you roll your eyes at the thought of another vampire romance novel, don't. I promise you that you haven't read a vampire novel like one of Christopher Moore's. Nothing compares to this eccentric, gothic comedy.