Saturday, July 6, 2013

Short Story Saturday

         Sometimes my brain just can't handle a whole novel. Especially when I'm on the go or waiting in a doctor's office and don't want to get suck into a story that I can't snap out of. It's times like those that have me turning to short stories. Times when I just want a satisfactory taste of a story without feeling like I'm sitting down for a four-course meal.
       Here are some delicious short-stories for your literary sweet tooth.

1. The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis by: Lydia Davis 
          You might have heard about Davis recently winning the Man Booker International Prize. But you might not realize that this award winning author resides right in Albany. The Man Booker International prize isn't given for any specific piece of work, but for an author's collection works. Which would explain why MacMillan has published this lovely collection of Davis' short stories.
          Davis' collection is an absolute treat. If you ask me, Davis is changing the way author's write short stories. She's known more for her three sentence stories than she is her longer short stories. Being able to entice a reader with only a few sentences is a true talent that Lydia Davis has mastered. 

2. Dear Life by: Alice Munro 
           Munro recently announced that she is officially retiring from writing. Claiming that there will be no more short stories after her newest collection, Dear Life, which came out late last year. The stories within this collection are a perfect reflection of the title. They all give the reader insight into the human nature. You can't read these stories without realizing how unpredictable a seemingly normal life can be. Not to mention, the paperback version of Dear Life is set to be released July 30th, 2013. 

3. Vampires in the Lemon Grove by: Karen Russell
         In 2012 Karen Russell became a Pulitzer Prize finalist for her novel, Swamplandia. Her quirky story-telling is back in this collection of oddball tales. Whether it's writings about two vampires sucking lemons or a group of factory girls turning into silk human silk worms, Russell's writing is always unpredictable. You might pick up Vampires in the Lemon Grove for the crazy plots. But you'll stay for the writing, it's the icing on the cake.