Friday, June 28, 2013

The Tiger's Wife by: Téa Obreht

The Tiger's Wife: A Novel - Tea Obreht    In 2010, Téa Obreht was recognized by the New Yorker as one of their "5 Under 35" author honorees. The next year, Obreht would go on to win the  Orange Prize for Fiction and became a National Book Award Finalist. Téa Obreht has made herself known in the book world for her debut novel, The Tiger's Wife, which follows the life of a young doctor, Natalia.
      Trying to pin-point what the novel is about is difficult task. On one hand, it’s a story about a young doctor who is reminiscing on her beloved grandfather’s life while trying to understand it as well. On the other hand, it’s about the tiger’s wife and it’s even about a deathless man, both myths that haunt the Balkan country.
       Natalia and her lifelong friend, Zora, are administering vaccines to orphans in a Balkan country when she begins to feel that her hosts are hiding something from her. It doesn't take Natalia too long to realize that the small town is full of secret-superstitions no one dares to talk about.
       In the mist of trying to uncover the source of the strangeness in the Balkan country, Natalia can't help but recall the superstitions that surround her own recently deceased grandfather. Using his old copy of The Jungle Book, and the stories he told her as a child, Natalia tries to piece together the mysteries behind her grandfather's death. He knew he was dying, so why would he travel so far away from home? Why would this elderly, famed physician lie about where he was going?
            With the tale of the deathless man eating away at her thoughts, Natalia knows she has to dive deeper into the mythology that lingers in her world. The answers she finds are anything but normal.

     Overall, I like to think the novel is about family and hidden stories that only some are lucky enough to understand. Obreht has done a wonderful job weaving together life stories of the people of a Balkan country and captivating mythology. Her talent for story-telling is evident, it’s safe to say there will be many more, anticipated novels by Obreht. The Tiger's Wife is a truly beautiful tale to get lost in.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lost Generations by: Steven Noble

         On Sunday, Steven Noble was at The Book House signing copies of his newest book, Lost Generations, a medical and psychological thriller. Dr. Jack Del Rio just wants to relax with a scotch on his boat, but an unexpected phone call has him taking a trip into a terrifying episode that happened 20 years ago. He has spent the past 20 years trying to forget about the young woman who he cared for and the baby that went missing in the middle of the chaos. Jack knew that the woman was a victim of a terrible crime but he was unsuccessful at convincing anyone else to investigate.
            Years later, there's a new team of detectives that have found a dead baby in a Newport home in Rhode Island that has direct ties to the events that occurred the night Jack took care of the young woman. The detectives are desperate for Jack's help on the case, but Jack isn't interested in getting involved. When the detectives present new evidence to Jack he suddenly realizes how close he is to the case and how much he could help. But what happens when Jack's medical expertise is used against him and he's labeled as a suspect? Drawing from his experiences as a doctor and a Rhode Island native, Steven Noble has writing is authentic and thrilling.

The Book House has a limited amount of autographed copies of Lost Generations for purchasing. Pick up a copy while you can! 
Or call The Book House to have us put a copy aside for you: (518) 489-4761

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Flat Water Tuesday by: Ron Irwin

       When I heard that Ron Irwin was stopping by The Book House to sign copies of his debut novel, Flat Water Tuesday, I was thrilled. (Unfortunately I couldn't be there, but I know my co-workers enjoyed his visit!) I picked up an advance reader's copy of Flat Water Tuesday thinking I was going to be reading a novel about rowing but closed the novel knowing that sportsmanship is just one of the many underlying themes in Flat Water Tuesday. 

     Rob Carrey receives a full scholarship to Fenton because of his impressive rowing skills but right away Rob knows he doesn't want to be part of a team. He's a one man show, used to rowing by himself and relying on only himself to push that boat across the finish line. So when he's offered a spot on the God Four, Fenton's prestigious rowing team, he's quick to turn them down. But after some coaxing from the coach and team captain, Connor Payne, mixed with his own curiosity, Rob lands himself a spot on the team.
       While winning means just-about-everything to the God Four, no race can measure up to the importance of the annual Tuesday-afternoon race against Warwick, Fenton's biggest rival. Though no one wants to win quiet as badly as Connor Payne. Week after week he pushes the God Four as far as they can possibly go, mentally and physically.
        As the race nears, the God Four find themselves in a tangle of emotions all ranging from pride to lust and even fear.. What's even more shocking than the outcome of the race is the tragedy that the God Four witness right before their eyes.

        Fifteen years later, Rob Carrey is trying to come to terms with his failing relationship with his long-time girlfriend, Carolyn. His job with National Geographic has him filming in Africa, making salvaging any remnants of a relationship almost impossible. Things get even more complicated when Rob receives a phone call from one of the God Four that leads him to attend a reunion at Fenton. After all the God Four have witnessed, what could they possibly have to say to one another?
        Ron Irwin had me hooked right at the prologue. It doesn't matter if you aren't a sports fan or know anything about rowing, Flat Water Tuesday is a novel that you'll want to sit down and read in one sitting. Irwin's characters are diverse, powerful and thoroughly enjoying to read about. He's an author to watch out for and I eagerly wait to see what he publishes next.

       The Book House still has some autographed copies of  Flat Water Tuesday, come by and pick up a copy!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Road Trip Reads

     'Tis the season for adventures! But most of the time, before you reach your destination you must endure the road-trip. If you're one of the lucky ones who can read in the car, here are some perfect books to bring along for the ride.
            1. Travels with Charley by: John Steinbeck
                       Anything written by John Steinbeck is a classic and Travels with Charley is no exception. Steinbeck writes about a road trip he took later on in life with his standard poodle, Charlie. While part of the book is based on his personal experiences Steinbeck had while traveling, some of the places and characters are fictionalized making Travels with Charley another great American novel.
            2. Blue Highways: A Journey into America by: William Least Heat-Moon
                    Sensing a theme here? Recommend from my fellow co-worker and bookseller, Rick, Blue Highways is a non-fictional account of William's journey across America. William refused to follow current maps that depict roads in red ink. Instead he opted for following only the old blue ink roads along the map. He traveled across the U.S. using only the back roads and avoiding interstates at all costs. This longer wandering pays off in rich experience and story telling. Read about America through the eyes of a man who strayed off of the nicely paved path and listened to the stories the locals had to tell.

     3. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values by: Robert M. Pirsig 
                  Robert M. Pirsig and his young son took a 17-day motorcycle from Minnesota to California and along the way had many philosophical discussions which centered around the concept of quality. Pirsig believes that "quality" is undefinable and throughout the ride he tries to understand the world through two different view points: rational and romantic. A philosophical read for the every-day bookworm, Pirsig tries to find zen in a world of rationality. Don't expect to find any motorcycle advice in this book but do expect to find yourself having internal-philosophical debates during your trip after reading this book. It's worth it.

    4. The Road Not Taken: A Selection of Robert Frost's Poems by: Robert Frost 
             This particular edition that we carry in the store includes an introduction and commentary by Louis Untermeyer. Of course Robert Frost is an extremely well-known poet but his nature poems are the ones that earned him a spot on our "Road Trip Reads" list. His poems aren't too long or too short and are great for carrying around and reading leisurely. I love bringing a collection of poetry with me on my trips and think Frost fits the bill nicely. 

    5. The Bean Trees by: Barabara Kingslover
             The Bean Trees is Kingslover's first novel and is often labeled as a "modern classic." It's easy to get stuck in a small town and Taylor Greer has grown up trying to avoid the same life her mother has gone through. After successfully avoiding teenage pregnancy and getting stuck in the small town lifestyle, Taylor takes her rusty old car on the road and heads for a new life out West. With her rural town of Kentucky in the rear view mirror, she sets out to embrace her Cherokee heritage. But no road map could predict the stop that causes Taylor to inherit a 3 year-old Native American girl named Turtle. Together Turtle and Taylor travel through Oklahoma and Tucson to Arizona. Taylor knows it's not going to be an easy trip but is it going to be worth the gas? I fell in love with this novel and can't wait to read more of Kingslover's works.

             The Book House also carries a large range of travel guides, maps, hiking books, Mad Libs, crossword puzzles and other games for your road trip needs. We also received a shipment of lovely walking sticks that come in a range of sizes perfect for summer hiking.
 Here's a picture of a younger 
Sully on his first road trip!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Rogue by: Lyn-Miller Lachmann

        Lyn-Miller Lachmann was signing her novel Rogue here at The Book House yesterday. Rogue follows the life of Kiara as she tries to cope with the struggles of having Asperger's syndrome. Making friends is tough and Kiara's world doesn't always make sense. She turns to Mr. Internet for answers but Mr. Internet doesn't know all. Kiara gets kicked out of school after an incident between her and a classmate. Feeling lonely she finds comfort in her hero, Rogue, who is a misunderstood X-Men mutant who had to learn how to control her special powers to keep from hurting those she touched.
          Things start to look up when Kiara becomes friends with her new neighbor Chad, she knows that she's finally found a true friendship. Chad has a big secret that Kiara promises to keep but when things get complicated Kiara has to to do what she knows is right. Through the process Kiara discovers her own super powers. 
          Rogue is one of those special books that tackle tough issues but also offers comfort for those who are trying to find their place. A great read for mature middle readers, teens, and adults alike.

         Lyn-Miller Lachmann took the time to talk thoroughly to her readers about the process of writing Rogue and how events from her own childhood inspired scenes in the novel. We really enjoyed having her at the store!

Lyn set up this awesome Leggo display for readers to look at during her talk.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Bus Comes to The Book House

The Diary of a Wimpy bus parked itself right in front of The Little Book House on Thursday, June 6th. Okay, the bus didn't actually park itself, Tommy the bus driver parked it. Along with showing a short video about Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Tommy handed out some cool freebies for fans. After visiting the bus, Diary of a Wimpy Kid readers pre-ordered the 8th book which will be out in November 5th, 2013.

Tommy was nice enough to let one of our booksellers, Khai, hop in the bus to pose for this picture. 
Isn't the bus awesome?!
(We think Khai looks pretty awesome too.)

If you'd like to pre-order the 8th book (the title hasn't been released yet) you can call
 The Book House: (518) 489-4761

Joesph E. Persico Signs "Roosevelt's Centurions"

         Last night The Book House was packed full of Joseph E. Persico fans who were eager to listen to this well known historian and biographer talk about his newest book, Roosevelt's Centurions: FDR and the Commanders He Led to Victory in World War 2.  After receiving many pre-orders throughout the day, it was no surprise that we sold out of Mr. Persico's latest book.

But have no fear! More copies of Roosevelt's Centurions are on the way.
 (Please call us if you would like a copy put aside for you. (518)489-4761)

       For those of you who aren't familiar with Mr. Persico's work, he's mainly known for his books revolving around the life and times of Franklin Roosevelt. After graduating from college Mr. Persico worked at NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) in Naples, Italy. He also served as a Lieutenant Junior Grade aboard a minesweeper. Just a few of his books that we currently have in stock include:
        A big thanks to all those who came out last night, it was a great turn out and we loved listening to Mr. Persico talk about his work!

Reminder: Today, June 8th, at 3:00pm Lynn-Miller Lachmann will be signing copies of her Young Adult novel, Rogue. Her book will be available at the front counter.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

One Bright Ring by: Gretchen Geser

           This past Sunday author/illustrator Gretchen Geser was signing copies of her recently published picture book, One Bright Ring. The story follows a little girl who happened to see a ring fall out of the pocket of a man who plans on proposing to his girlfriend. In attempts to get the ring safely back to the man, the girl overcomes many obstacles and manages to slip the ring back into his pocket just in time. One Bright Ring is an adorable story full of adventure, romance, and one brave girl that understands the importance of doing the right thing. 

                  Here's Gretchen with a copy of One Bright Ring and just some of the many balloons that decorated the front of The Book House. In addition to colorful balloons, Gretchen brought fun crafts and snacks for the little readers to enjoy! 
                   You can pick up a copy of Gretchen's book at The Little Book House and be sure to check out her daily Facebook updates for more information about the book.