Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lost Generations by: Steven Noble

         On Sunday, Steven Noble was at The Book House signing copies of his newest book, Lost Generations, a medical and psychological thriller. Dr. Jack Del Rio just wants to relax with a scotch on his boat, but an unexpected phone call has him taking a trip into a terrifying episode that happened 20 years ago. He has spent the past 20 years trying to forget about the young woman who he cared for and the baby that went missing in the middle of the chaos. Jack knew that the woman was a victim of a terrible crime but he was unsuccessful at convincing anyone else to investigate.
            Years later, there's a new team of detectives that have found a dead baby in a Newport home in Rhode Island that has direct ties to the events that occurred the night Jack took care of the young woman. The detectives are desperate for Jack's help on the case, but Jack isn't interested in getting involved. When the detectives present new evidence to Jack he suddenly realizes how close he is to the case and how much he could help. But what happens when Jack's medical expertise is used against him and he's labeled as a suspect? Drawing from his experiences as a doctor and a Rhode Island native, Steven Noble has writing is authentic and thrilling.

The Book House has a limited amount of autographed copies of Lost Generations for purchasing. Pick up a copy while you can! 
Or call The Book House to have us put a copy aside for you: (518) 489-4761