Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Flat Water Tuesday by: Ron Irwin

       When I heard that Ron Irwin was stopping by The Book House to sign copies of his debut novel, Flat Water Tuesday, I was thrilled. (Unfortunately I couldn't be there, but I know my co-workers enjoyed his visit!) I picked up an advance reader's copy of Flat Water Tuesday thinking I was going to be reading a novel about rowing but closed the novel knowing that sportsmanship is just one of the many underlying themes in Flat Water Tuesday. 

     Rob Carrey receives a full scholarship to Fenton because of his impressive rowing skills but right away Rob knows he doesn't want to be part of a team. He's a one man show, used to rowing by himself and relying on only himself to push that boat across the finish line. So when he's offered a spot on the God Four, Fenton's prestigious rowing team, he's quick to turn them down. But after some coaxing from the coach and team captain, Connor Payne, mixed with his own curiosity, Rob lands himself a spot on the team.
       While winning means just-about-everything to the God Four, no race can measure up to the importance of the annual Tuesday-afternoon race against Warwick, Fenton's biggest rival. Though no one wants to win quiet as badly as Connor Payne. Week after week he pushes the God Four as far as they can possibly go, mentally and physically.
        As the race nears, the God Four find themselves in a tangle of emotions all ranging from pride to lust and even fear.. What's even more shocking than the outcome of the race is the tragedy that the God Four witness right before their eyes.

        Fifteen years later, Rob Carrey is trying to come to terms with his failing relationship with his long-time girlfriend, Carolyn. His job with National Geographic has him filming in Africa, making salvaging any remnants of a relationship almost impossible. Things get even more complicated when Rob receives a phone call from one of the God Four that leads him to attend a reunion at Fenton. After all the God Four have witnessed, what could they possibly have to say to one another?
        Ron Irwin had me hooked right at the prologue. It doesn't matter if you aren't a sports fan or know anything about rowing, Flat Water Tuesday is a novel that you'll want to sit down and read in one sitting. Irwin's characters are diverse, powerful and thoroughly enjoying to read about. He's an author to watch out for and I eagerly wait to see what he publishes next.

       The Book House still has some autographed copies of  Flat Water Tuesday, come by and pick up a copy!