Sunday, June 9, 2013

Rogue by: Lyn-Miller Lachmann

        Lyn-Miller Lachmann was signing her novel Rogue here at The Book House yesterday. Rogue follows the life of Kiara as she tries to cope with the struggles of having Asperger's syndrome. Making friends is tough and Kiara's world doesn't always make sense. She turns to Mr. Internet for answers but Mr. Internet doesn't know all. Kiara gets kicked out of school after an incident between her and a classmate. Feeling lonely she finds comfort in her hero, Rogue, who is a misunderstood X-Men mutant who had to learn how to control her special powers to keep from hurting those she touched.
          Things start to look up when Kiara becomes friends with her new neighbor Chad, she knows that she's finally found a true friendship. Chad has a big secret that Kiara promises to keep but when things get complicated Kiara has to to do what she knows is right. Through the process Kiara discovers her own super powers. 
          Rogue is one of those special books that tackle tough issues but also offers comfort for those who are trying to find their place. A great read for mature middle readers, teens, and adults alike.

         Lyn-Miller Lachmann took the time to talk thoroughly to her readers about the process of writing Rogue and how events from her own childhood inspired scenes in the novel. We really enjoyed having her at the store!

Lyn set up this awesome Leggo display for readers to look at during her talk.