Monday, July 22, 2013

Mom & Me & Mom by: Maya Angelou

     At 85 years old, Maya Angelou lives the life of a true Renaissance woman. She's written about her life in a series of autobiographies, beginning with I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, in which Maya Angelou recalls growing up in the South and being exposed to racism at an early age.     In her seventh autobiography, Mom & Me & Mom,  Angelou writes in depth about her mother Vivian Baxter and the relationship they shared.
     Having lived with her paternal grandmother until the age of 13, Maya Angelou wasn't comfortable with the idea of moving in with her mother. Instead of calling Vivian Baxter "mother", Angelou referred to her as Lady. The nickname stuck and soon enough everyone who knew Vivian Baxter began to call her Lady.
     The stories Angelou shares about Lady illustrate her unwavering loyalty to her children and her astonishing bravery. Mom & Me & Mom is a reflection of the power of motherhood written with Maya Angelou's classic, lyrical prose.