Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What's happening at the Book House?

Many of our wonderful customers have asked us why we've boarded up our front window, installed a large translucent sheet of heavy plastic where the best seller wall used to be, and begun playing obnoxiously loud construction sounds instead of nice calming music. The answer is that we're undergoing a face lift!

There are actually many things we're planning to have done, but there are four main ones:
1. First and foremost, we (well, not we personally...) are moving the sales desk on the adult side to the other side of the store. The end result will be a horseshoe-shaped counter area that will be shared by the Book House and Little Book House. Which will open up space for...

2. ...more seating plus room for events! We are hoping to have more chairs, as well as a larger open area where we can hold things like signings and readings.

3. Since we've taken out the window to fix up the counter area anyway, we'll also be changing our front entrance from a single door to double doors. We're going for something a little easier to get in and out of with strollers and wheelchairs, plus an entrance that feels more welcoming to all our wonderful customers.

4. Finally (this is a big one!), we'll be getting new carpet throughout the store. Yep, that means moving all the books and shelves so that the carpet can be installed, then putting everything back. Should be...um...fun.

So that's what's going on at your local independent bookstore. Please bear with us through the construction. We're still here, still knowledgeable, and still eager to help you find that book you're looking for. Come in and pick our brains!