Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bats Abandon Belfry-Seek Library Instead!

Bats are forsaking their natural habitat of belfrys and caves for the wondrous world of the library! In Brian Lies' new book , Bats at the Library , a window is left open at the local library and the bats swoop in after dark to enjoy the books. At least, the older and more mature bats do. The younger ones go a bit wild mucking about with the copier and the fountain-they've never learned proper library etiquette, you see. (That never happens in the human world.) But, thankfully, at storytime, the little ones get drawn into the lovely, incredible land of books and imagination. My absolute favourite parts of the book are the wonderfully clever illustrations of children's classics reinterpreted with bat characters and titles. Bats at the Library is obviously an excellent choice for library storytimes, but the different levels of humor will appeal to a wider audience of both kids and adults as well. Enjoy!