Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Calendars are here!

The number of calendars arriving daily has been increasing over the past weeks. They aren't all here yet, but we have enough in stock that they've taken over several racks and a couple of shelves of bargain books. Wall calendars, desk calendars, planners, page-a-day calendars...you name it, we're starting to get it in!

My (Erin's) personal favorites are the Moleskine planners. That's right, they're starting to arrive! They come in three different sizes and a ton of formats: weekly on one page, weekly on two pages, monthly, daily...you name it, they've got a format to match. Some of them have built-in notebooks, some have reference pages, and the bright red academic planner even comes with stickers. And of course, they all have the handy Moleskine pocket inside the back cover. I may be a bit obsessed with Moleskines, but it's just because they're awesome. Come in and check them out.

Oh, and academic planners (the kind that start in July or August of 2008 and run until the end of 2009 or so) are now on sale! It's never too late to get organized!