Monday, September 29, 2008

Shocking Culinary Theft! Frankenstein Takes the Cake!

In a shocking turn of events, Frankenstein has been found to have taken the cake! (Yes, all you Mary Shelley fans out there, I know it should really be Frankenstein's Monster-Frankenstein was the name of the doctor, not the creature. But Frankenstein's Monster just doesn't scan as well. What can you do?) In any case, Frankenstein has been caught in flagrante delicto with icing all over his hands on the cover of Frankenstein Takes the Cake by Adam Rex . Frankenstein first become known to the public eye in Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich also by Adam Rex. Alas, it would seem that Frankenstein was not content to merely create sandwiches. It is necessary for all well informed citizens to read this account in order to understand this scandalous episode and the motivations behind it. Would be readers are warned that they might be at risk of injuries resulting from falling out of their chairs laughing. Indeed, an excess of hilarity has been witnessed whenever someone has read the account. There has been much favorable comment on the variety of styles of the hilarious illustrations. The natural audience for this epic would be 5-10 year olds with wacky, Pythonesque senses of humor, although fans of any age of monster movies run a close second!