Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Brief Renovation Tour

Renovations here at the Book House are coming along nicely. Here's a quick tour of what we've done so far:

The biggest project underway at present is the new counter. The Little Book House's counter has been partially dismantled, and a doorway has been cut to connect it with the new Book House counter.

The new Book House counter, which will be joined to the Little Book House counter, is starting to come together. It should be beautiful when it's done!

This is the beginning of the new entry way on the Book House side. There will be double doors instead of the single one we currently have, and you'll come straight in instead of at an angle.

The Little Book House has been getting a fresh coat of paint over the past few weeks. This means moments of chaos as the books find short term homes wherever they fit! Bear with us--it's only temporary! And we're happy to dig through the stacks to find what you're looking for so that you don't have to.

Entire walls have been dismantled to get the painting done!
The end result, however, is very clean and fresh-looking. As more of the store gets painted, we think it will really start to come together.
That's all for now. Check back periodically for more updates as the renovations move forward!