Sunday, December 15, 2013

Newly Released Young Adult Novels

Someone Up There Hates You by Hollis Seamon
Dying of cancer in a hospice, 17-year-old prankster Richard Casey has big plans for his final days. Sylvie, the only other hospice inmate under 60, tells Richie she has a few plans of her own. What begins as camaraderie quickly blossoms into real love, and this star-crossed pair is determined to live on their own terms, in whatever time they have left.- Susan Taylor

Splintered by A.G. Howard
 "Alyssa thinks she's going crazy, just liker mother and grandmother- but when she listens to the clues they lead her to Wonderland to correct her great great grandmother, Alice's mistakes. It is a perfect  combination of Carrol's original story and Burton's interpretation but completely original!" Book 2, Unhinged, is due in January 2014.- Alexis Sky

Perfect Ruin by Lauren DeStefano
 "Lauren's new series, The Internment Chronicles, starts off with Perfect Ruin, a novel about a city in the sky. Morgan lives in Internment, the floating city positioned well above Earth. She dreams of going to the ground and when Internment has a series of crimes that shake the people's beliefs, Morgan's dreams take flight, literally. Part love story, part coming of age this amazing novel is 100% amazing- you won't be disappointed." Alexis Sky

The Testing by Joelle Charboneau
 "In this new dystopian trilogy Cia is chosen for the Testing to see if she is a viable candidate for the Univeristy. As she's leaving her father warns her not trust no one. In a battle of wits and Cia must come out on top to stay alive. She must be strong, smart and willing to do anything to survive and get a spot at the University. This series is smart and insightful and a must read. Fans of the Hunger Games and Divergent will enjoy this new series. And bonus- Book 1 was released in June 2013,

How to Love by Katie Cotugno
 "Reena has always loved Sawyer, but Sawyer wasn't ready for that all consuming love so he left, without a word. Three years later he returns to find that life as he knew it has changed. Reena isn't the same happy-go-lucky girl she once was, but now a mother to a three year old you looks a lot like Sawyer. Told in alternating chapters, Before and After, readers will fall in love with Reena and Sawyer and travel through the pages into their loves where they'll learn that mistakes have consequences but not all consequences are bad" Alexis
Book 2 in January 2014 and Book 3 in June 2014- so no long wait."- Alexis