Monday, December 2, 2013

Book House's 25 Days of Holiday Must-Haves: Day 2--Memoirs

A House in the Sky by: Amanda Lindhout
I can not recommend this memoir enough. Amanda Lindhout recalls the terrifying year she spent being held for ransom in Somalia. She shares her experiences in Somalia and writes about how she kept a hopeful demeanor through hard times.

Ten Years in the Tub by: Nick Hornby
Novelist Nick Hornby reflects on the books he has bought and read in the past ten years. An interesting and engaging read for any book lover.

This is a Story of a Happy Marriage by: Ann Patchett
Ann Patchett can do no wrong! This collection of personal essays range from subjects such as marriage, books, and the writing life. As usual, Patchett keeps you hooked.

The Telling Room by: Michael Paterniti
Who knew a memoir about cheese could be so entertaining? While working in a deli Michael Paterniti discovered what he describes as the world's greatest cheese. He thought so highly of the cheese that he brought his family and friend to Spain in search of the infamous cheese maker. The Telling Room isn't just about cheese, it's a story that includes many life lessons--all of which are equally important. Share it with the chef or traveler in your life!