Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wild by: Cheryl Strayed

Book of the Day: 
Wild by: Cheryl Strayed

   After many weeks of admiring the cover of Wild as it sat on the best-seller shelf, I finally decided to find out if it would live up to the hype or not.

   It does.

     Propelled by the death of her mother and a failing marriage, Cheryl decides to hike the Pacific Crest Trail having never hiked before. Carrying an overstuffed hiker's backpack and wearing boots a size too small, she begins her journey completely inexperienced. Throughout the entire memoir I found myself absorbed in the details of her hike. Cheryl writes with the perfect combination of blunt honesty and humor. Whether she's writing about the blisters forming on her feet, or about the eccentric people she meets along the way, Cheryl Strayed will keep readers enthralled. I suspect Wild will become a modern classic right alongside Bill Bryson and Jon Krakauer.