Thursday, December 4, 2008

Signing 1/17: Dakota: A Work in Progress by Bill Rosencrans

On Saturday, January 17th, 2009, from 1-3pm, local author Bill Rosencrans will be signing his new book, Dakota: A Work in Progress at the Book House. If you enjoy dog books, check this one out!

Several well-known authors have great things to say about Dakota. Stanley Coren, author of How Dogs Think and The Intelligence of Dogs, wrote, "Dakota: A Work in Progress is a cheerful and amusing romp through the life of a manic but sweet and endearing dog. If you love dogs and need a smile this book is for you."

Sonny Brewer, who wrote Cormac, The Tale of a Dog Gone Missing, and The Poet of Tolstoy Park, had this to say: "Bill Rosencrans' book about his wonder-dog Dakota is a long love letter, really. It's a treat for the rest of us that we get to read of Dakota's doings over Bill's shoulder, reminded on every page why we ourselves love our own doggies."

The book is forthcoming from Diversion Press and will be available at the signing.

About the author:
Bill Rosencrans, a member of SUNY Albany's New York State Writers Institute, lives in upstate New York with his wife, son, and (of course!) Dakota. In addition to Dakota: A Work in Progress, which is his first book, Bill has written eight screenplays and a stage play. He also served as the story consultant for the award-winning Inside the Blue Line - Leadley's Legacy, a documentary aired on both WMHT and PBS. Bill's current project is Dakota:Still a Work in Progress.

We hope you'll join us in welcoming Bill Rosencrans to the Book House on January 17th!