Thursday, June 4, 2009

Stanley unwinds after BEA.

After being in NYC for the weekend I feel like all my molecules are buzzing. And without much time between the convention and work I jumped right into my next appointment at the store, meeting with one of my favorite reps. (Seriously, I like ALL the reps who come to see me. They are a great bunch!) When I got home on Tuesday night I was worn down and wanted to skip out on going to my weekly meditation group. But I hopped in the car and headed to Albany. Once I got there I knew I needed to be there. I needed to be still and do nothing for an hour. Just sit.

But sometimes it takes more than that one session to restore my inner calm. And so Wednesday came and I got back on the moving sidewalk and buzzed through the day. I was busy the whole day, not much of a break except to grab a bite to eat at the front counter. Bad form! I needed to stop and smell the roses.

Speaking of smelling the roses... when I got home last night I went across the street to see my neighbor who was working in her garden. She showed me her English roses with enormous blooms and smelling divine. Then she showed me her wild roses which are taking over her work shed. Small, delicate white blooms which start from tiny pink buds. Beautiful. Then she pulled out her binoculars from her table and pointed them to the top of a mulberry tree three yards away. At the top was a small flock of cedar waxwings, with black masks, happily eating berries. When we finished watching the birds her husband showed up and we sat on the back deck and sipped a beer. I was calm and peaceful and happy. After an hour of conversation I came back home and picked a pot full of greens from my backyard and mixed up a delicious supper of beans and greens and brown rice. I was content. I slowed down. I picked up the readers copy of a book I've been reading and settled into bed. The perfect ending to the day.

PS. Happy Birthday Allen Ginsberg, wherever you are!